1. Send a CV.  I’m waiting for your CV in English with information about education, work experience, a short description of your technical expertise and projects you have done, the level of English and two contact persons who will be able to give you recommendations if necessary.

2. Meet via Skype. I will contact you for an acquaintance and more detailed information about your field and work experience. Part of the conversation will be in English. During our conversation, I will also find out about your wishes and preferences in finding a new employer in the Netherlands.

3. Wait while searching for a potential employer. Based on your experience and wishes, I will look for potential employers in the Netherlands.

4. Connect to a potential employer. Interview. Interviews can occur both at a distance (for example via Skype) and direct contact. In the second option you will be invited for an interview in the Netherlands. To do this, you may need a visa, which can be issued based on an employer’s invitation.

5. Sign the contract and move to the Netherlands. With a positive result, you will get a work contract. If you wish, I can arrange your comfortable arrival abroad. Based on your wishes, I can help you to find a place of living, to formalise your settlement in the Netherlands (including a temporary residence permit and necessary types of insurance).

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